Embracing the power within

The boat rises and falls over crest and valley, riding out the storm. I stand in the crow’s nest, drenched. Water saturates my clothes and drops over my face and I’ve never felt so alive.

“Bring it on! I’m ready!” I scream at the ocean.


A little poem about my struggle to capture a piece

Words dance within my mind but can’t seem to tumble out
The beautiful words of others land like thorns across my skin

Why not me?
Why not now?

There are worlds within me that the words refuse to capture
Wisdom that the words run away from

The words sit on the sidelines, arms crossed, shaking their heads
Some of them are erecting statues — symbols of old
As if I could somehow decipher hieroglyphics or runes!

Is English not enough for you?
Need I go back before 1500 to find you?
As if I could understand?

And yet the message is clear — be with what is
So I will dance with this too
Surrendering to the indistinguishable chatter

Knowing that one day it will become clear.

A brief story about stepping into ourselves

I lay in the bottom of a boat, surrounded by wood
I can hear the gentle lapping of the waves against the side and the gurgle below
Pinpricks of light stream through holes in the floor above me
The gentle sway of the boat soothes…

On death, rebirth, and possibility

He rises from the mountains of ash
Wings afire
Six tail feathers like wisps of fire slither beneath him
His dark body is like the smoke that follows him
His bright eyes burn with knowing

He reminds you of the things that must be burned away
Yet also of the gift of that burning
While a death for some, the fire opens space for new life

As he rose from the ashes, so will new growth
With the ferocity of life and its resilience

With the truth of what is

Even in the ashes, there is possibility
Behind the ferocity there is space for new beginning

Do you have the courage to see what lies in his wake?

Mythological caretakers of the water

Night has fallen, so I am awake
My dark body glides through quiet waters
My neck and tail slither like a snake through the blue-green depths, propelled by the four flippers off my port body
The tendrils from my head and the ridge of my back sense the vibrations in the water
I keep to myself and to the darkness, like the ones before me

Always only one
And I am new

To humans we are myths
So rarely seen by their eyes

“Champ”, “Loch Ness” have been our names, and many others before

I am but small, but I will grow mighty
Caring for the waters and its creatures
Enchanting humanity with my song

Always alone and never alone

Surrendered to the will of the water

Kim K Gray

Exploring what is means to be human. Host of The Garden of Belonging Podcast.

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